BIKIGHT Three-Dimensional Hanging Type Bicycle Chain Cleaning Box Mountain Bike Chain Cleaning Tool

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  • Производитель: BIKIGHT


Описание и характеристики

Descriptions:Product nameBicycleChain CleanerMaterialABS high strength resin shellSize18X6X2.5CMWeight140gAdvantagesEasy to clean the chainFeatures:Designer for the cycling enthusiast, you often need to clean a bicycle chainand drive. For the drive chain and wheel cleaning troublesome problem oflow efficiency. After a year of development and testing, to design amulti-bucket-shaped bicycle chain, freewheel cleaner. The cleanercan solve the following problems:1. Drive chain, especially bicycle and motorcycle chains easily dirty.covered with dust and oil, cleaning troublesome;2. Ordinary cassette using complex chain cleaner, cleaning effect is not ideal;3. After cleaning the chain, is difficult to quickly dry (or easy to rust).This cleaning tool, made ​​of a soft brush, sickle hook,cleaning brush composition.Can effectly cleaning the bike chainPackage includes:1x Bicycle Chain Clea

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